Wednesday, September 27

5 Reasons Why It Benefits to Use an Oscillating Fan

An oscillating fan is available in many different styles and extremely versatile in use. The ability to move from side to side makes this type of fan very efficient at providing cool air to the room. Here are five benefits of using the oscillating fan:

Easy placement

The oscillating fan is easily placed throughout the home or office environment. The placement will vary with the design, but they can be kept on a table, placed on the floor, or mounted on a wall. Also, there are the very small and portable units that can even clip onto a desk. The wall-mounted units are a practical and safe option if there are small children or pets in the home. The table units have a fairly decent range, but the large tower fans have the potential to cool the air in the larger rooms.

Better cooling

The rotating nature of this best outdoor floor fans means it is able to deliver the better air flow in any space. The ability to constantly move side to side means a lot more air is moved around compared to static units that simply blow the air in the direction the fan is facing. Also, this can help increase ventilation and improve the efficiency of heaters and air-conditioners operating at the same time.

Easy to adjust

Many fans have the ability to easily adjust the direction of the cool air. For instance, there are plenty of fans that make it possible to direct the cool air towards the floor or the ceiling. Increasing or decreasing the height of the fan via an adjustable pole is another option. Also, the fan can simply be left static if preferring to target a particular area.

Multi-function units

The most advanced units have the ability to double up as an oscillating fan for the summer and as a space heater for the cold winter months. Most have a built-in thermostat to easily make adjustments to the level of heat. A great benefit of these multi-function units is lower power consumption compared to the standalone air-conditioners.

Ionizer feature

One of the latest additions to include on fans is the ionizers to help purify the air in the room. They are quite effective at keeping dust and other allergens out of the air. This type of feature is particularly useful for people who suffer sinus or respiratory problems, such as asthma. Also, this feature can be activated using a remote control for complete convenience when watching TV or when in bed.

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