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Becoming a barber requires that you complete certain educational and training

Next, ask your client what kind of hairstyle they would like. Sometimes, the client doesn’t know or isn’t sure what their hairstyle is. It’s easy to misunderstand the client’s hairstyle. Talk to them and ensure you are both on the same page. Ask your client to send you a photo so that you can see what they are looking for. Most people know exactly what style they prefer.

As a beginner, you may not know how to do common styles like fade, skin fades, comb-overs, and mohawks. It would be best to learn your tools’ functions and how to use them. The blade’s lowest position is when the taper lever is open. It cuts more hair. The taper lever opens and best barber shop cuts more hair. Standard clipper blades can be set at 000 to 1 but not zero-gaped.

The taper lever is pushed up towards the front of your clipper to close the blade. The closed position (edges are close to one another) is where the taper lever is pushed up. The taper lever can be pushed towards the back to open the blade. When made towards the back, it’s set at an open position (blades furthest apart). It will cut approximately a #1 or a bit lower and trim slightly more than a #1/8 attachment.

The halfway position, between the closed and open parts of the taper lever, is another position you can use when you want to fade from skin to longer hair. This position will be cut at a #0A length. These positions are used to fade and blend hair. Sometimes the blade can catch and pull on hair when cutting it. When you start your hair clipper and begin cutting hair for a client, the edge might pull on the hair and cause it not to want to be missed. It’s usually a straightforward fix.

Push the taper lever towards the back of your hair clipper and then move it back towards the front with the hair clipper on. You can move the taper lever up and down. Repeat this process a few times. If that fails, oil the blade and spray Andis relaxed care 5-1 with the hair clipper. Use a paper towel to wipe the hair clipper clean. Next, use the taper lever to move the hair clipper up and down. This should resolve your problem.

A hair clipper can pull and snag often when cutting longer hair on the top of the head. This is normal because not all hair clippers have enough power to cut hair easily. A snagging blade could also indicate that the edge needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Unscrew the blades and clean the access hairs of the guide and cutting edges. Reassemble the blades and see if they cut more efficiently. If your hairdresser has been around for several years, you may have noticed that the cutter pulls the hair instead of shortening it. Another problem could be the result.

The blade of your hair clipper might need to be replaced. The edge of your hair clipper will become duller over time. I recommend purchasing a replacement blade for your hair clipper or having them professionally sharpened. You can either order replacement blades online or purchase them at your local beauty supply shop.

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