The long, slimmer linear fires are those that are longer. Modern models have fewer frames around the viewing area. However, there are styles with more extensive borders. Nearly all our linear fireplaces can be mounted flush to the wall with 4 to 12 inches deep. However, a few models can be installed directly on the wall. Many manufacturers do not include brackets that permit in-wall installation of linear fireplaces.

There are many interior media options for linear fireplaces. They are more modern than traditional inserts and have a more modern look. As more people dimplex ignite xl 60 and mount their TVs over the fireplace, linear fireplaces are becoming more popular. There are many sizes of linear electric fireplaces, ranging from 34 inches to 120 inches. This means there is one size that can balance any TV.

Traditional fires are generally more rectangular. These fires are designed to look like a gas or wood-burning stove and have logs inside a grate. However, there are modern options that can be made from crystals, driftwood, or stones. These depths are 8-16 inches and should be placed in a cabinet or wall. The sizes range from 24 to 45 inches in width. The flames are typically natural yellow/orange, but some have to change pets, including violet and blue. Accent lighting features can also be added to enhance the colors of the flames.

Do you want to DIY or hire a professional to build a fireplace? There are many options available for installing electric fireplaces. Some can be installed in a frame, while others must be made behind wall finishes. For example, three-sided fireplaces are in the second category. The person’s skill level installing the fireplace will determine which one you choose. If you’re doing your installation, read and comprehend all requirements.

The installation of electrical wiring is another aspect. All electric fireplaces work on 120 volts and can be plugged in. However, almost all electric fireplaces have heaters. A dedicated circuit should be installed. You may not need the heat from your fireplace to operate the course. If you plan on using the heater, a licensed electrician will need to run a dedicated line to your fireplace. The proper line connects directly to the electrical panel with its breaker. This is different from having a receptacle that has nothing plugged in. Confused? Get help from an electrician.

Electric fireplaces come in various quality options, from good to excellent to best, and price points. Depending on how long the fireplace will be used, which one you choose is important. If you’re renovating a room to sell it, your investment may be different from adding a focal point for your home. Remember the old saying, “Buy once.” Make sure you do your research.

Stylish Fireplaces understands that adding a fireplace to your home can be difficult. It’s simple to create a space that you love to share with your family and friends using an electric fireplace. You can browse all of the options or contact their experts to help you choose the right electric fireplace. You will live stylishly for the rest of your life.

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