Social Media Monitoring Keeps Your Business Healthy

Social media analytics are a central component of business success. None of those analytics are more important than the concept of social media monitoring. This active and lively segment of a healthy social media strategy is often viewed as the wall standing between your company and an online social media crisis that destroys your reputation.

Social Media Monitoring Definition

You might have noticed that social media is a hostile jungle. There are lions, tigers, and bears all around, many of which get angry and want to let people know something negative about your business. If companies aren’t in tune with these messages to quell them quickly, they can even go viral and do damage to your reputation.

Social monitoring is the professional monitoring of social media posts to instantly identify negative posts and then mitigate before they spiral out of control and harm your business. NetbaseQuid is the most well-known example of a company who guards your social media sites the best.

How Social Media Monitoring Works

Online social media posters are often focused in mostly on the “bad” of what is online. Negative posts are more frequent than positive posts, and that’s bad news for any business that values its reputation. For example, if your content offends someone, customers will sometimes get caught up in a whirlwind of negativity, sharing their own bad experiences and then sharing the posts to potentially thousands of others.

Before this happens, a social monitoring intervention strategy takes down those negative sentiments before they spiral into a full-blown crisis for your brand and employees. NetbaseQuid is well-known as the guardian of big brand reputations. Their goal with this monitoring is simple: they watch over your posts to make sure they’re not creating that whirlwind.

Social Media Monitoring for Growth

If it sounds like social media monitoring is there to reduce your negative content, that’s only half of the story. The real goal of social media monitoring is to make sure that your brand can branch out and communicate with people of all different social channels and make a name for itself without drawing negative sentiment.

You want to be visible to everyone possible online. If it’s a potential reader or customer or person who might pass on your brand, you want to make contact with those people. So a good monitoring agency is going to help you grow, never just shrink away from communication and “delete” what offends. In every interaction on social media, you want the conversation to always spin to the positive.

Great companies monitor your social media interactions, but they also monitor competitor interactions and see what’s going right for the people you are slugging it out with. If they make a wrong move, your monitoring agency is going to monitor the competitor as well, and then they’re going to take advantage of any of their mistakes to create a different interaction on your own social media page.

Popular Tools

Monitoring extends to every single tool available. Analytics look at buzzwords your customers are talking about. They will analyze your success versus the success of competitors. They will look at trends not just on your own pages but on the pages of competitors and anyone else that is using social media. Competitive intelligence, product innovation, and campaign strategy are just three very important tools used by Netbase as a leader in the industry.

Get Ahead in Monitoring

A company that isn’t monitoring social media posts is a company that falls behind. NetbaseQuid is a first stop one stop for social monitoring.

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