What Did Jesus Teach About Repentance With the Parable of the Unjust Steward?

In a preceding writing we looked at what it approach to repent. Repentance changed into one of Jesus’ chief messages spanning his whole ministry. Repentance became also an crucial part of John’s and the Church’s message to the sector. But what are we able to research from Jesus approximately repentance via his teaching of the myth of the unjust steward, Luke sixteen:1-13?

Let us try and understand this parable (in element) by means of understanding who’s a steward. In contemporary language he would be someone whose activity roles are those of an accountant integrate of Gospel Repentance with the ones of a manager.

Believers are Accused Everyday. An accusation become made against this “steward.” It become reported “he had wasted” his boss’ “items.” Satan is the Believers accuser. He accuse us “earlier than our God day and night time,” Revelation 12:10.

The Lord God has given man dominion and power and made him “steward” of the earth. He has additionally positioned the duty of the destiny of his soul in man’s rate through the strength of preference and repentance when he died in our area on Calvary. As “stewards” were are all accountable to the Lord Jesus.

This “wealthy man” known as his steward and required him to “supply an account of” his “stewardship,” Luke sixteen:2. In different words, this rich character is announcing to his employee, demonstrate to me which you were an effective and efficient supervisor of my wealth, of all my resources.

As Christians, we will all stand before the Lord Jesus Christ, inside the Judgment, to offer account of our time in the world as steward of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the alternatives we make concerning the destiny of our souls.

What are You Resolved to Do? In this parable, the unjust steward “resolved” inside himself his subsequent direction of movement. He determined what he turned into going to do. He become fully persuaded of his subsequent circulate. This is the factor we want to attain before repentance can appear. Repentance can not take place while a person is of two critiques due to the fact one can’t turn from sin and include or obey God if he’s unsure what he is turning from. One ought to be sure he does no longer want to preserve in his modern-day lifestyle, he ought to be cognizant of a need to alternate and exchange right now. So this steward repented of his lackadaisical approaches and made expeditious and effective adjustments to preserve his process. The boss become impressed and complimented him for his “wise” choices.

Similarly, while you listen the Word of God, and are “pricked” or convicted or persuaded for your heart to behave on what you heard, do now not hesitate. To make changes on your way of life based at the Word of God is what repentance is all about. In effect, you’re relinquishing your previous approaches (lifestyle) and ideals and by your current moves are obeying God’s command to you.

By Faith Confession and Repentance Remove our Sins.

Finally, the unjust steward on the way to shop his stewardship “called every certainly one of his lord’s borrowers” and liquidated their money owed with a reduction. This he had the power to do because the steward and it’s miles “sensible” to get hold of a bit less than receive not anything in any respect. What have you ever executed in obedience to the Word of God which you have heard? Have you repented? Did you convert your sinful methods and turn to God? Whatever your reaction to the Word of God changed into, you may should give the Lord an account of your selections and actions in the judgment.

Despite the fact the Steward need to have had know-how and record of all his boss’ money owed and debtors he recommended him. As a steward keeping statistics of the whole lot, inclusive of all of the “wealthy man’s” wealth and borrowers, is a essential aspect of his job characteristic which he ignored to do.

Do no longer Give Your Accuser Valid Grounds to Accuse you.

As Believers we should daily confess and repent earlier than God to make certain all our sins are forgiven. We need to confess ours sins to acquire forgiveness, the ones sins we realize and those we’re unaware of. This will account for all our sins. This is an thing of our Christian walk we must by no means forget about. Negligence in prayer and repentance may want to imply dropping our stewardship, losing our soul. Negligence on this vicinity can also supply Satan valid grounds to “accuse” us to God. But he does not need a legitimate ground to try this this is why it’s miles known as “accuse.” He by no means had legitimate ground when he accused Job to God and he does no longer want one for us either.

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